January Book Haul

I have gotten to the stage where I seem to buying more books than I can read. I was recommended a website which tracks the price of kindle books and emails you when they drop to the price you are willing to pay, the link is here. Back in December, I ordered the three books that Sufi Studios have created… Read more →

Organising my Evernote

I begin in the Name of God I have written something to this accord before here, but I use evernote – and I love it. I have a HP laptop and an Apple iPhone and so for me to transfer information seamlessly, Evernote is the easiest way. I have been using it for over two years and I have literally… Read more →

My New Year’s Resolutions

I have never been one for making New Years Resolutions, rather I believe in continuous change throughout the year. But this year, or rather towards the end of  2016, I have been reflecting on things I would have liked to achieve in 2016, or would like to achieve in 2016. Hence I have have come up with personal goals I… Read more →

Part 18 – Epilogue

I begin in the Name of God I did expect this trip to be similar to last year with it being ‘easy’ with good company (because God always delivers on that front), and just going to the Harraam when I wanted at my own pace. It wasn’t quite as I expected and was hard work. I don’t want to go… Read more →

Part 17 – Al Wida Kadhimiya

This is it. This is actually Al Wida. Thanks to FB calling our room we woke up for Fajr. We managed to sleep through all of our alarms and I would’ve been super upset to miss the final salaat in the Harraam. It was not in our naseeb to play Salaatul Jamaat in al-Jawadain Shrine on this trip. Despite walking… Read more →

Part 16 – Every Shias Dream

Every Shias dream – for your flight to be cancelled so you can stay longer in the presence of your Imams. It was cancelled because the Iraqi army was advancing on Mosul against Daesh and we would be flying over Mosul to get to Istanbul. I wasn’t worried, I knew we would reach home eventually, and I was more than… Read more →

Part 13 – When the vibe is cool

We went for Fajr at 4 and it was rammed, we were lucky to get space where we did outside. I do wish I had stayed longer yesterday but I think quality is better than quantity. This Ziyarah is a little different compared to last year, sometimes it is just the little things. Yesterday the company spoke of staying till… Read more →