Part 1 – The Beginning

I begin in the Name of God

I start with praising the Lord who has honoured me with the chance to return to Imam Hussain for Ashura. It is all due to him for this grand opportunity.

A Lover’s Tale Volume 2: Blessed to Return

Part 1 – The Beginning

The weeks coming up to the trip, I couldn’t quite believe I was going back. I didn’t believe in my heart that I am going. And even now, writing this on the plane to Istanbul, I still don’t believe it.

This journey begins as I leave hometown and family to go to the airport. Here I find out, it is me, a friend of mine (RS), and the rest of the people are much older than me. By much older than me, they are all grandparents. So we got prime positions in the back of the taxi where all the cool kids sit.

At the airport, everyone started to move towards the gate we were at, and somehow I had taken the lead and was leading the Kafelah to the gate – literally charting the course.

I thought it was normal for people to go for Ashura, but someone told me that everyone goes throughout the year, but those who go for Ashura are very fortunate, they are the lucky ones because not many go.

Who am I to be granted this opportunity again – within a year I have returned to the Holy Lands in Iraq.


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