Part 10 – The Perfect Spot in Jamaat

3.5 hours later it was time to wake up and go for Zohr because it is the final day. I am pushing my body to make sure I make the most of it. We went to Abu Fadhil because we figured less crowd and so there will be ample space. It was such a calm and pleasant atmosphere, such a contrast to slightly more ‘intense’ days previously. After literally just chilling with Abu Fadhil we headed back to have lunch (big up Janatul Hussain food), and the company were going to Tifle Mulim and Hazarat Hurr.

I am very blessed to have such good company but when I am alone, I appreciate it so much more. I just got so much done not waiting for people, I guess I almost forgot what it felt like.

I finished off the last of the requests to buy things, and on the way to the Harraam I saw the procession where they had the children and Imam Sajjad in chains. It was really moving and emotional the way they had them tied up and then they were being teased with the water.


I went to Imam Hussain and went to the Zarih to post letters that children had written to him. I wanted to put it in the ‘main Zarih’ upstairs. But it was always so busy, I physically wouldn’t have been able to. It worked out well because I went into the basement and took my time with no pushing or shoving I could just do it at my own pace.

The Khadimas were cleaning the basement with the hoover (which I am pretty sure is scented), I asked if I could do a little (You don’t ask, you don’t get). They said Yes! I did one strip and handed it over. No matter how much I did, I had the honour and fortune of hoovering part of the Shrine of Imam Hussain. I cannot believe it. I was there at the right time, at the right moment when the Khadims were cleaning and I got to be a part of it. I think the little you do makes a difference, and then you get the opportunity to do great things like this.

I went to find a spot for Jamaat, if I have time, and if I am on my own, I like to choose the perfect spot. Normally with the view of the dome and a place where I am certain there is connection.

Salatul Jamaat is so interesting here. There is so much faff prior to Salaat – right until the last second, but as soon as Takbiratul Ehram is recited, everything is in order.

I have just realised that this is the last Maghrib in Karbala until I am invited again.

Writing this, I am listening to Dua Simaat. In the land of Hussain, one of my favourite Duas is being recited and I am present here.

Later we went for a majalis in the Basement of Abu Fadhil with the group. Sometimes I think I am in a dream here. I am sitting facing the Zarih in the presence of Abu Fadhul. This is the place where the water flows around him. This is Abbas, the man who was the son of Haydar Ali, the man who refused to called Hussain only Master, and who died trying to get water for the children. Who I am to be sitting in his presence.


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