Part 12 – The Gold Glitters in the Moonlight

Alhamdullilah I was able to sleep on the coach and so was feeling refreshed as we got to Najaf.

Najaf has a different vibe to Karbala, it is much more calm and more serene here I find. I think it is because of what Najaf is, it is the City of Knowledge because Ali is The Gate.

We entered through the main gate, something I had never done before. It is really pretty and the gold glitters in the moonlight. But of course he is from the ‘Household of God’.

You see the pictures, but it is always different in person, it is so much more beautiful. I am not into architecture or buildings at all, but I could admire it all day.

I forgot how small it is compared to Karbala. Don’t get me wrong, I like it but it is just different. I recognised our old Baab and alcove straight away though. Inshallah new memories to be made this year in that Alcove.

It is so nice being back here in the presence of the Mawla. He is just too cool for words. This is Ameerul Mu’mineen, the man who was treated as the brother of Insaan Kamil, the man who was the dot under the Ba, the man who was married to Sayyida Fatema.

They have a queue system here which I fully approve of. You can choose the line that you go in, and there is a choice of 3 and it is pretty quick. It is also a lot more civilized, less of the pushing (proportionately), and it would be totally cool to just queue up repeatedly and touch the Zarih repeatedly.

I would’ve liked to stay longer, but I was really feeling quite tired, and falling asleep in the Harraam does nothing to become spiritually enlightened so we went back to the hotel to sleep…at 9pm.

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