Part 13 – When the vibe is cool

We went for Fajr at 4 and it was rammed, we were lucky to get space where we did outside. I do wish I had stayed longer yesterday but I think quality is better than quantity.

This Ziyarah is a little different compared to last year, sometimes it is just the little things. Yesterday the company spoke of staying till sunrise and that what I assumed we were going to do and so put our shoes together. After we came in and we found a place in the Saff, MR said she was going to leave straight after Salaat.

I originally thought I would leave and get my shoes and then come back in, but then to re-enter through security would just take long. I just said that take my shoes and I will pick it up from your room when I return. I don’t mind in all honesty, but it’s not as in sync this time round which sometimes can make the experience just a little more difficult.

That afternoon was Masjid Kufa – the vibe here is cool. The fact that Prophets and Imams have been here and walked on these lands makes it super cool that I am now walking these lands.

It is hard to explain the vibe here, and it is strange to explain that every holy place has a different vibe e.g. Karbala is different to Najaf, and Najaf is different to Masjid Kufa etc. You sort of have to embrace the atmosphere here, to fully appreciate it. I love how the white marble contrasts to the navy blue sky.

It’s an exercise in itself all the Salaats at the Maqaamats. Me and FB were super-efficient when we had finished all the Salaats, and just went to Muslim, Mukhtar and Hani and went straight back to the mosque of Masjid Kufa. Because we were so efficient we got space in the second line of the Saff. Literally 5 minutes later, I turned around and it was just getting really packed and rather cramped.

House of Imam Ali and Maytham is literally up the road from Masjid Kufa. House of Imam puts your life goals of buying a house in perspective. And Maytham, Maytham has the honour of being up the road from Imam Ali’s House and millions flock to his resting place to heed respect to the man who had his tongue cut off and hung because he loved Mawla so much. What am I doing for my living Imam?

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