Part 15 – Nurturing your soul in Najaf

Despite being tired after our midnight missions, I wanted to see the sunrise and those beautiful colours over the dome of Imam Ali. It was well worth it – I love that view, those shades of blue that no artist can recreate. We thought this was our last Fajr but Allah had other plans, our flight had been cancelled and so we would get another Fajr in the Holy Land of Najaf.

Due to God’s amazing plan of us doing Masjid Kufa and Masjid Sahla in one day I didn’t need to go with the group today and so a much needed rest was required.

One of the main reasons I would love to take my phone into the Harraam is simply for the beautiful Qiraat recitations they have before Salaat – they really get you in the zone for Salaat

The design of Imam Ali’s Harraam is much more old school, they have kept much of the traditional older calligraphy. But it’s a powerful place to be, incredibly calming and nurturing to your soul and intellect.

We had the honour of being present for Dua Tawassul in the shrine of Amir and it was a really beautiful atmosphere especially under the night sky. This never happens back at home, beautiful Qiraat under the night sky. Everyone was reciting together, for a lot of people, Arabic wasn’t their mother tongue, but we all knew the words and was just reciting together, united. No one can touch this love – especially the love of Ali.

At the end they recited Dua Faraj and that was super cool. Dua Tawassul was cool, but Dua Faraj was on some next level. You could recite as loud as you wanted, but with everyone reciting too, your voice is barely heard.

It gave me something to think about. Seriously, what am I doing to serve the Imam of my time? And they recite all these cool Duas praying for other people, how often do I pray for people I have never met before?

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