Part 16 – Every Shias Dream

Every Shias dream – for your flight to be cancelled so you can stay longer in the presence of your Imams.

It was cancelled because the Iraqi army was advancing on Mosul against Daesh and we would be flying over Mosul to get to Istanbul.

I wasn’t worried, I knew we would reach home eventually, and I was more than happy to stay in the Holy Lands until such time.

The Wida of Najaf finally happened. I was saying goodbye to the man who was Prophet Muhammad’s right hand man, the man who was with the truth and the man who was named Haydar. He was so obedient to God in all forms that people love him for who he was and the goodness he embodied.

Al Wida wasn’t as heart wrenching as I had expected (it still was) but I knew I was going to Kadhemiya, so it wasn’t farewell to the Imams just yet.

I love long coach journeys because you can get a decent kip on the journey. You know the rule, if you don’t need to keep your wudhu and there is time, take a nap.

We are in the same hotel as last time which I am grateful for because it is close to the Harraam. I would’ve hated to be so far away, for it to be difficult to get to the Harraam.

Officially the last Maghrib in Iraq (our flights have been booked) – how bittersweet.

I love praying Salaatul Jamaat here, in the presence of the Imams, under the open sky. Regardless of the person reciting Salaat, I do believe it is spiritually uplifting.

I’ve never heard Hadise Kisa in the Haramains so this is a treat for me. I have noticed at any opportunity they make dua for the sake of the Imam they are in front of. Something to take on board in my life inshallah.

When we visited Kadhimiya at the beginning of this tale,  I did feel the visit was too short and I would’ve loved to be here longer. I can’t believe I came back so soon to spend more time here! Amazing how God works. There are far fewer people here now and there is a certain calmness and less intense atmosphere here like there was in the days preceding Ashura.

It is really nice to be here. Just to spend time reflecting in such a tranquil atmosphere.

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