Part 17 – Al Wida Kadhimiya

This is it. This is actually Al Wida.

Thanks to FB calling our room we woke up for Fajr. We managed to sleep through all of our alarms and I would’ve been super upset to miss the final salaat in the Harraam.

It was not in our naseeb to play Salaatul Jamaat in al-Jawadain Shrine on this trip. Despite walking super-fast we managed to get the Khadima who was being overly zealous in checking and so missed Jamaat. Allahu A’alam.

This was the last time I would be amongst the Lover’s of the Imam in the Holy Lands. I will miss this atmosphere and people doing dikr, reciting Duas and Qur’an. It encourages you to do so indirectly too. When there is no other distractions of the worldly life, it is so pleasant to be here and enjoy being obedient to God.

Obviously it is sad to leave but you have to leave one day and get back to the real world and implement what you have reflected on.

The actual farewell – the parting wish was done in the sahan in an alcove with the view of the two domes and four minarets with the sunrise and the colours of the sky changing around us. What a way to end the trip.

Imagine: the two domes glistening in the moonlight against the contrast of the changing sky.

May this picturesque moment be embedded in my heart and mind forever.

I do think that your Al Wida for the trip is always one to remember because God makes it extra special. It was majestic and really nice farewell with such excellent company.

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