Part 18 – Epilogue

I begin in the Name of God

I did expect this trip to be similar to last year with it being ‘easy’ with good company (because God always delivers on that front), and just going to the Harraam when I wanted at my own pace.

It wasn’t quite as I expected and was hard work. I don’t want to go into the intricacies, but I did find aspects quite difficult to deal with. Despite whatever I faced, I was invited to visit the Imams and it was truly a privilege to be there for Muharram.

I wanted two things from this trip:Spiritual Enlightenment

  1. Direction in Life
  2. Spiritual Enlightment

Direction in Life

I got the idea of direction from someone who got direction of life when they were there for Ziyarat. When asking her how it came about, she said it was already there and she just came up with a more concrete and organised plan.

Interestingly enough, the things I have wanted to do I have already written down previously and inshallah with the inspiration and motivation of Ziyarah I will try and do them.

Spiritual Enlightenment

I don’t know what I was expecting with this, I was hoping for something more tangible but to no avail (I think). I don’t know if I am spiritual enlightened, I hope I am but I have nothing tangible to prove it. I guess you never can, but if you continue to serve God upon your return to your homeland, you have been spiritually enlightened.

This trip has taught me a lot about people. You know the saying ‘You know a person when you live with them or travel with them.’ I fully understand this saying now. Not only did I see true colours in a man’s character but I become comfortable dealing with people who had a different interaction style and temperament to me. I’m no expert, but Alhamdullilah I’m better at it now.

I feel very blessed to visit Imam Kadhim and Imam Jawad for the second time on this Ziyarah, few people get to visit, let along stay a night. We got to stay two nights in total. I am satisfied with the amount I spent there and parting was not such sweet sorrow because I got to spend so much time there – proportionally to other people.

Truth be told I was wondering when I can in theory go back next. Someone told me, the more you go and leave, the harder it becomes to leave and you need to go back more and more. The only reason I am working at the moment, is so I can pay for trips like this. Northern Lights eat your heart out, I want to go back to Karbala.

It is not the traditional holiday either with the luxury you get a five star hotel and resort. The simple life is the best way and just to spend time near the Imams and feel content – I think that is what heaven is – feeling content. Hence Karbala being heaven on earth.

I found it more difficult to write The Tale this time round but I made more effort because it was requested upon and inshallah you are enjoying reading this Lover’s Tale. This notebook is literally coming to an end so maybe this is the last Lover’s Tale in physical form as a Tale and if when I am invited again it may be extracts depending on my thoughts at that point in time.

For those of you who are invited to the Land of the Lover’s, please remember me and my family in your Duas and enjoy the company of the ones who are closest to God.

Illtemase Dua

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