Part 9 – Service in whatever means you can

I am an early bird back at home, I love mornings and I am most productive then. However, my sleeping pattern here, is the opposite, the night time is where my mind is awakened.

Due to the company I am with and circumstance too, we left for the Haraam post Maghrib. I wanted to go earlier, but I made the decision not to leave without the company, and I have to live with that decision and not blame anyone else.

Upon my request we went to Imam Hussain. I love it here, it is so peaceful. I sat seeing the dome and enjoyed being in his presence. Nothing in the world can be compared to this place.

By the time we left it was 2am and at it was amazing to see that Baynul Haramain was still heaving. People are happy to travel to Karbala to then literally sleep on the streets and eat whatever Niyaz is out there. They must feel so safe to be happy to just sleep anywhere where there is space.

We were locked out of our room and so with a few hours to Fajr we just stayed awake talking. Amongst the things that were shared, we all said that our favourite moment so far was when we just chilled in Baynul Haramain on Shaame Ghareeba. Normally when we sit together back at home, we have various food, but we were happy with whatever chai there was to keep us going. We don’t want food just for eating here, but just that sustenance to get through the day.

Again because I was with the company we left later than I wanted to. I was conscious we wouldn’t get space for Jamaat, and when we got there, there was no space within the gates. It just so happened there was space for 4 in a corridor with our backs to a gate. Alhamdulillah by sitting there we got connection of Jamaat with the view of the dome.

As I was taught last year, I got as many turbas as I could carry and would give them out to the Zuwwars who came for Salaat – service in whatever means you can. It is also really fun I have found, and would highly recommend others to do so, partly for the enjoyment factor, and partly (more so) because these turbahs that you hand out, people are going to pray on them to God, and you are contributing to that prayer.

I have found people are really nice here. My neighbour was reciting from a Mafatihul Jinaan, and when she was done she put it on the floor and began reciting Salaat. I put the Mafatih on my bag (not wanting it to be on the floor) and was just looking after it while she prayed. At the end, she said she was going to Imam Redha and will pray for me. What a privilege if she remembers. This isn’t the first time this has happened, if you are nice to them, they say they will pray for you. What a lovely community here. And life is all about those prayers, because without them, I don’t know where I would be today.

Picture this, an absolutely beautiful recitation of Ziyarate Ashura after Fajr in the Harraam of Imam Hussain. Then when it gets to ‘Inni Silmun liman salamakum…’

I am verily at peace with those who have been at peace with you,

I am at war against those who fought against you,

loyalist to those who have been loyalist to you,

and enemy of those who have shown enmity towards you.

everybody stands and recites it together. That feeling. That moment. Random people coming together to recite those lines in front of the Imam. What an honour to be there in that moment and appreciate it for what it is.

I stayed for the beginning of Dua Nudba and began sorting of some of the golden trolleys that had Qurans, Duas and Tubahs on in. It wasn’t as good as a job as the khadims do, but it was the best within my capability. After I left, people were actually putting their books on the piles I had created as opposed to just putting them anywhere.

I do believe that the Imam would like it neat and tidy and what a privilege to clean the Harraam in a small and insignificant way.


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