Chapter 14 – Epilogue

Due to the flight being cancelled at Baghdad, we missed our connecting to London and so were in Istanbul over night. It’s one of those where you see sunset and sunrise at the same airport and you know you have been there too long.

Turkish put us up in a hotel and had dinner provided. It was a set meal, and the food was good. But especially coming back after Ziyarah, you have to have the best akhlaq and not complain about the little things and be grateful actually a decent dinner is provided and you don’t have vouchers from the food court and you have a hotel room and are not camping out in the Airport Prayer room.

How can a heart finish this Tale not knowing when they will return to the Master of Martyrs. It is so hard to leave here. I think it not only because of their personalities, but also you have such peace here, your soul doesn’t want to leave because this is heaven for it.

I hope that I will return soon. But until then I hope to start and complete some of the goals I have decided for myself. I hope that I am able to serve God and the Ahlul Bayt in whatever opportunity is presented to me.


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