Chapter 3 – The Mahdi’s Home

I’ve not been getting prime seats for Jamaah because I am not going so early. I think you need company to be able to sit for so long before salaah. Not for the conversation, but just motivation of sitting, it is ok to sit together in silence, but sometimes company is just needed.

[Cool place to meet a cool person – MAP]

Alcoving once again, where the newly restored dome as my view.

In the past I use to plan as to what I was going to do in the Haraam but this time I have decided to go with the flow, do what my heart wants to do. I have also eased the pressure off writing this Tale, I may forget certain moments as I don’t write it down there and then, but I want to soak in the experience of being here, being in Holy Lands.

I have found a new spot to sit – facing the main door, near the entrance. You can see the Zarih and that view during Ziyarah Ashura gives you all the feels.

The colour hues changing over the Haraam, been waiting for this since I left last year. That unique blue colour that is only visible when sitting with Imam Ali, and only with him. Due to the dust in the air, it is not visible from outside or airial views from the hotel room.

Sitting here, breathing his aura, brings stillness to your sub consciousness. It is an indescribable feeling, where he has all the knowledge, and you know it.


Masjid Hannanna

I have a new found appreciation of calligraphy. Look next time, and see if you can spot all the calligraphy on the dome and the walls of the mosques.  I do wonder why they chose those verses as to be in the dome or on the walls.


Note: Surah Dahr is on Dome here

They also have ‘Allahuma Ajal Faraj’ on the walls everywhere, and this is something I have never notice before. Something to ponder upon, am I ignorant of the Imam too, and do I only remember him on 15th Shaaban.


Masjid Kumayl


Just outside was a Pakistani Kafelah sitting down and listening to their Maulana speak. He said something that I though was beautfiuly explained:


When you ask for Dua through the Ahlul Bayt, they take the Dua, and then the angels take it up to get accepted.


That is a fast track Dua, blessed by those who don’t and cannot sin.


Note: Ayatul Kursi surrounds his Zarih


Masjid Sahla


We did the Salaats at Sahla on our own as opposed to doing it with the group. It is much quicker – less faff and waiting, but also you can do it at your own pace. Also by doing it on your own, when finding a spot for salaat on the platform, it is so much easier for one person that a group of you.


Salaat under the skies at Sahla. I love it. It is such a beautiful atmosphere. Rows of people praying to the Lord in the Land that will become the Mahdi’s home.


[Beautiful Words – MAP]

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