Chapter 4 – Where Good Souls Go

It is rush post Fajr Salaat (or actually any Salaat) in the Zarih, so I go to where I can still see Amir in his resting place. I love the gold of the main gate, which contrasted with the colour hues of the sky, brings peace to your body and soul.


Wadi as-Salaam


If you want to go to Wadi, go after Fajr – it isn’t so hot and there isn’t much rush. Plus you get to see the red sun as it still rises into the atmosphere.


After hearing so much about Sayed Ali Qadhi, that was one of the places I had to visit whilst I was here. It is such a serene atmosphere and you can just sit there for hours with time just flying.

Ayatollah Sistani


To see the face of a scholar is ibadat.


Final Salaat at Mawla’s Shrine – inshallah at Fajr we were going to Masjid Kufa. This was a tough one, I love Salaat here, it is enlightening on the soul. People are so friendly, and to know it is that last salaat, that means that Wida is almost upon me. How will my heart take it.

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