Chapter 5 – Al Wida Ya Mawla

Masjid Kufa at Fajr time is calm, there are only a few groups and the air is just still. The weather is quite cool as well, so you aren’t dying under heat. You know how you see on the internet that the sky is black but is lit up by the lights in Masjid Kufa, it is exactly how the photos show – no photoshop. Just picturesque.


Note: Caligraphy was done in Kufic script (fitting right)


Muslim b Aqil, Mukhtar & Hani

When you go so early – you can literally sit at their feet and take what they give you


You know that beautiful blue hue that I have only ever seen at Imam Ali – it also occurs at Masjid Kufa. As we were walking down to Maysum, we saw the colour change of the sky. It felt like we were witnessing God creating colours with his majesty.


I was so early at Maysum, there were no Khadimas, so I managed to capture the beautiful calligraphy.


Al – Wida

This point in time is here. I wish it wasn’t. How can I say goodbye. Words cannot even explain what I am feeling. Only one who has come to these Holy Lands understands. And even then, it’s so personal, I have to say good bye to Mawla.

I went into the Zarih room and the air smelt stronger and sweeter than usual. But it was too busy and so decided to sit in the Sahan.

How can I say goodbye, it becomes harder and harder to leave each time, because you understand a little more of what they have done and given to you.

‘Come on, let’s go to Karbala’

From the Mind to the Heart.

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