Chapter 6 – The Gold Shines

Sayedah Sharifa

I have been fortunate to visit Sharifa daughter of Imam Hassan, and last time there was an hall in which to pray in, now it is literally only the Zarih. So you pray Salaat under the skies – my kind of Salaat.

For those who are not well, ask in the name of Sharifa that they are healed.


We didn’t wait around, we got off the coach with our rucksacks and went straight to Baynul Haramain to say Salaam. I knew I was going to see Imam, my mind had acknowledged the fact that I was in Karbala, but I don’t think my heart had fully accepted it. So upon arriving and seeing the majestic gold dome, all I could say was Thank You. Thank you for everything.

BH was really quiet especially when it was so close to the 10th day. But there were still processions going on – today was Shah Qasim’s procession.

We thought that we would get back just in time for our room to be ready. Apparently, the group was too efficient this time, and they were wondering where we had gone.

Maghrib was once again under the starts – in BH.

We planned this so we would be able to listen to Dua Kumayl, however, they never recited it. After Ziyarat Ashura there was nothing. Once again I have missed Dua Kumayl in Karbala, inshallah I will be invited again and will be able to experience this wonder.

Ziyarat Ashura was on point though, when people were facing Imam Hussain and recited the following together, gives you goosebumps thinking about it:

Peace be upon you, O Aba-`Abdullah

and upon the souls that gathered in your courtyard.

Peace of Allah be upon you from me forever

as long as I am existent and as long as there are day and night.

May Allah not cause this (visit) to be the last of my visit to you (all).

Peace be upon al-Husayn,

upon `Ali ibn al-Husayn,

upon the sons of al-Husayn,

and upon the companions of al-Husayn

We figured that there was no Dua Kumayl because of the processions that were coming out and you wouldn’t be able to hear. Shah Qasim decked in green and young boys following him, puts the picture in your head of what happened on that day – he really was ready to die for the Imam of his time despite being young.


Due to the rush, we figured it would be hard to go inside, and thought the best time to go was at a quieter time where we could engulf ourselves in the scent of the Imam Hussain and Abu Fadhil without being pushed from all sides and decided to call it a night.

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