Chapter 8 – Night of Ashura


Fajr at Abu Fadhil, I managed to get space in good time, and left after Ziyarat Ashura. However, the sound wasn’t good where I was sitting for Salaat, so I moved where I was facing Qibla and the Zarih. Picturesque Views.

Today I was going to rest, take it easy because tonight was the big one, the Night of Ashura. I want to maximise my time in the Haraam and fast track spiritual enlightenment and the way to do that is to look after your body so you can work on your soul.

I left at about 445, and there was rush in BH, the processions along with the people, I had weave myself through all the people. I found place in the basement, it was too much rush upstairs, I got there just in time. I had a space facing the zarih, not long after I got there, they must have shut the door for downstairs, because people stopped coming downstairs.

The individual next to me was from Qatif and complimented my Chadoor and asked where it was from. That’s high praise in my opinion.

I went upstairs to hear Ayatollah Qazwinis majlis, when he was doing the masaib, you could hear weeping echoing around you. It was like you could hear the angels crying for Imam Hussain too.

They seem to shut the gate just after 8 when the men’s Latom started, and I noticed less women coming in.

I found it hard to find a seat and my legs were getting tired, but I found at the feet of Sayed Ibrahim and managed to sit for while to rest my feet.

I had to eventually get up when a Khadima told me to, and I was walking around the sahan at this point, just now IM actually saw me, but I didn’t see him. And I turned around and he lost me in the see of Chadoors.

After sitting in the Sahan for a while, the women eventually got kicked out from that area, and from what I could see there was only a little area for women to sit.

IM told me after that there was a whole area in the middle that were for women and they were sitting there for a while. It is all things you hear about in hindsight.

I figured out that my goals that I would like to work on when I return from this trip, I hope I am successful in carrying them out.

Although, certain things didn’t happen the way I wanted it to, I am grateful for the opportunity of spending the time in the vicinity of Hussain on Shab Ashoor.

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