10 Quran Verses On The Environment And Do-able Action Plans

Carbon free revelations: Muslim or not, these 10 Quranic quotes on #EcoIslam will really make you think about greening your lives.

For Muslims the Qur’an is the ultimate green-guide. Believed to be a sublime revelation with remarkable ideas, this divine scripture is scrupulously read by Muslims for spirituality. But it is not limited to only that. In the Islamic faith, faith in the environment is on par to good faith towards humanity and indeed God, since Muslims believe He created all. The Qur’an therefore, doesn’t just link belief in One God (Tawheed) to being nice to plants and keeping a pet. The Qur’an glorifies nature and wildlife as an earthly heaven, a mirror to the lush forests of Paradise above.

Ethics and equilibrium are key ingredients to peace (salaam) and even vegetarian living. Here are 10+ key quotes from the Qur’an that show what #EcoIslam is really about.

Read the full text at http://muslims4peace.org/

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