5 Posters that came through the post

I came across Derya Rasit on twitter, and later Instagram. I was so impressed with her art – I had never seen on the internet world, art and pictures like this. She sold me the deal by tweeting if you buy today, you will get a free dome print.

After lengthy consideration on which to buy (not whether to buy), I decided on the print below. I was really pleased when it came through the post. The quality was excellent, and it was for me, the perfect picture that I look up to when studying. It reminds me what my purpose is in life.


The dome picture is below. I haven’t decided where to put that up yet, I think I might rearrange my poster wall, to make it more visually stimulating, and for the dome picture to have the perfect place to be put up.


A dear friend of mine, who is a legend in my eyes, who is very God conscious, has inspired me to become a better person, I wanted to buy a gift for them. They chose the gift below. Those colours are beautiful.


There was a hiccup in the postage, and so I did have to wait a little while for the posters to come through, and so Derya was kind enough to send me to two pictures free of charge. Again I haven’t decided where to put them up, so I will keep them safe until I decide to do so.

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