April has come

I begin in the Name of God

I have wanted to write a Friday musing post for a while, but I was putting it off, and found it easier to just schedule Taco Tuesday and Qur’an Monday posts.

A quarter of  2016 has passed. A quarter. Of 2016.

Time is flying.

I have no idea where it has gone.

I am living week to week. Working on the weekdays and just trying to fit the tasks in on the weekend.

Have I achieved enough in my years that if God calls me back to him, I am happy with my thoughts and actions?

Reflect, Assess and Priorotise.

May I and You be successful in our endeavours.


April Calender

On a side note, this is currently the display of my Lego Calendar for April. It’s a Doctor Who themed month – although, there are two doctors present, does that wreck the space-time continuum?

The lookalike infinity white background is actually 2 sheets of A4 paper, which I thought was rather genius. Have I ruined my beautiful photographic skills for you?

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