Future plans for GeniusITM

I begin in the Name of God

I used to be really good at posting on my blog, but as of late, I haven’t been as good. This has been because of exams, but really I should’ve scheduled blog posts to tide over the times.

I have ideas written down on Evernote (which is super awesome – highly recommendable), but I need to write the content itself. I am not one of those, who can just write on a whim. I have to be in the zone, and feel the need to blog (very much based on my emotions), and so when life is busy – work, studying, family commitments, blogging is the last possible thing I do.

Going forward, these are going to be days, new content appears on my blog:

Qur’an Mondays – beautiful recitations on the Word of God

Taco Tuesday – (Lego Movie reference), A Lego based post. These won’t be weekly, but depending if I have new content (namely if I buy anything and review it)

Thursday Thoughts (which were formally posted on a Friday) – My general musings on life and religion (which I am huge fan of if you haven’t already gathered with the mention of God in the first sentence of this post).

On a monthly basis I will hopefully have a monthly roundup, whereby I will post some of my favourite posts throughout the month.

I ask God to help me achieve these goals of consistently posting to my blog, having good quality content to be able to post and able to change the world one post at a time.


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