7 Tips when playing Pokemon Go

The hype is dying, I am 2 weeks too late. I know that now. Well I figured it out a few days ago when I saw a Vaporeon in the town centre, and no one was doing that looking at their phone and trying to catch it apart from me that I could see.

Nevertheless, I have had this idea for a while, and I have come up with  things I have found out whilst playing, so here we go:

1.Start Walking

Begin walking to hatch your eggs (don’t forget to incubate them), I have gotten ‘cooler’ pokemon from hatching rather than catching.

2. Catch everything

You get 100xp every time you catching something, this means you level up quicker and you get more candies when you transfer the pokemon to eventually evolve them.

3.Pokestops refresh every 5 minutes

Find a couple in your area, and just keep doing rounds. This way you hatch your eggs, collect a bunch of pokemon and keep pokeballs fresh in supply

4. Lucky Eggs

I originally didn’t understand Lucky eggs, but basically they double your xp for the duration it is on. I use it only when I need to evolve my Pokemon to maximise gaining xp

5. Gyms

I’m not that interested in becoming a gym leader, because everyone seems to have better Pokemon than me, and to become one, you need to battle all the trainers, something my pokemon cannot take.

However, there is a way in: If a gym is level 2, you can have 2 trainers in there. If there is only 1, you can join if it is the same team as yours, and make sure you collect the coins from the shop straight away.

6.Saving your Battery

Pokemon kills your battery. The way to make it last that little bit longer, is to turn of AR and on setting click battery saver.

7. Curveball

I read on the internet that you could get more xp by throwing a curveball, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to throw one until a colleague showed me. You get your pokeball and drag it in a circle and it creates a curveball. I have gotten between 10 and 50 xp in addition to the 100xp when catching a Pokemon with a curveball.

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