Alef Bookshop

The trip to Burgerista Bros was incredibly fruitful, I ate good food, found Sherlock Holmes’ flat, and then came across an epic bookshop – and I mean epic.

Alef 1


Alef 2

There are inspirational quotes on the walls pertaining to books and reading. But the best bit, was that there was a whole section devoted to ethnic writers from the Arab world and their fiction books. I just had to purchase something from them.

After much consideration, I bought The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak and No God but God by Reza Aslan. You also get a stamp when you spend £10, and then after 10 stamps you get £5 off. Now this isn’t necessarily a cost effective way of buying books, but I try and support small businesses, even though I do buy from amazon (as you will see when in coming posts when I talk about my Book Haul for the month).

The location of this store is: 219 Baker St, London NW1 6XE

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