Burgerista Bros Review

I was in Central London for a 4 day course and naturally at the end of the course I had to treat myself, and so I felt like a gourmet burger. After checking out the reviews of halal burger places on hgat, I decided on Burgerista Bros on Baker Street, it looked good and was in a good location for me then to travel home.

Burgerista Bros

I ordered a beefburger, not very adventurers, but I’m on a no dairy thing at the moment, so I couldn’t go the cheeseburger way.
The picture doesn’t do it justice, but it was burger patty was really juicy and succulent. And the bun to meat to sauce ratio was spot on. The bun was a brioche bun, which I’ve not had before, but I did very much enjoy it.

We also ordered the Mexican Spicy Burger, which picture looks much better.

Mexican Spicy Burger

This was good (or so I was told), and was a little spicy. So if you are into it, it was recommended.

The rosemary fries were really nice, just the right portion, and delicous. I’ve not had rosemary fries before, and think I am going to buy some rosemary to put on my fries the next time we make it at home.

Rosemary Fries

Overall, this place was really really good. I thought the decor was rather hip (hip as in hipster), but it may not be hip and just normal, where I live, we don’t really have decor where they keep the bricks as is it is, or paint over them. I enjoyed the food, and if I could’ve managed it, I would’ve ordered the chicken wings too. Maybe next time.

Yes, next time. I hope to go there again, because the food was really good. 9/10 I would say.

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