Chapel Hill Shooting

I will be honest with you, the first thing I do after switching my computer on when I get into work is checking the news, namely BBC, Guardian and the Independent.

And I am surprised, I fully expected there was to be more news coverage on the Chapel Hill Shootings, only the Independent has it on the front page, and I couldn’t find it on the BBC or Guardian even when searching for a news article.

This worries me, why are some shootings covered by the mainstream news and not others, are some lives valued more than others, or do they prefer to propagate only Muslim shooters (as seen with the Charlie Hebdo attacks).

People were shot, by a murderer, there hasn’t been a condemnation from any political figures, and the story has almost been lost in the news circle. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but this shocks me, I don’t understand why this isn’t covered by mainstream news.


– G

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