Chapter 1: The Opening

I begin in the Name of God

A Lover’s Tale, Volume 3: The Intensity of Love

Chapter 1: The Opening

Dreams become reality – if you work for it and Allah wills it.

Never in a million years would I have believed you, if you told me when I was penning Volume 1, Volume 3 would exist.

My success if only from God (11:88)

I struggled to write Volume 2 but I am not sure how, with this trip, I have associated it with writing Volume 3.

How fortunate am I to return on this journey, where millions of people go to their Hussain. I am going to the Land where Holy men were slayed and died thirsty.

In the past I have written this as a diary style, however I don’t wish this to repeat previous Tale’s, and instead will be a collection of moments.

One thing Allah (saw) has given me every year is good company, and Alhamdullilah, this year is no different.

I would like to take away something from this trip, it has given me a chance to reflect, after a busy few months and allow me to become a better person.




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