Chapter 10 – Mentioning the Name of Zahra

Visited Furaat and we were outside Maqaam Imam Zamaane for Zohr and so went into pray salaat there. We wouldn’t have made it to BH in time and I was happy to pray there.

Maghrib was at BH, and that is clearly my new spot this year. Nothing wrong with praying under the stars.


I had never seen the main entrance of Imam Hussain, the one where Gold Glistens in the Light. It is difficult to properly admire if you are on your own, with a Mahram on the other hand, life becomes easy. It is properly beautiful, like you can’t imagine until you see it for yourself.

I wasn’t ready to leave just yet, and so we just sat facing the main entrance and seeing all the people in patience and prayer (2:153).

A man then came in a wheelchair, and IM immediately recognised him, he said that in Abu Fadhil one day after Fajr, this man started reciting. And not long after, he had this huge crowd gathered round him, just standing around the barriers, on the floor, surrounding him. I couldn’t quite picture it – people surrounding the barriers listening to this man.

And then it happened, this man started reciting, and people were coming over to listen. And he would recite more, and more people would come. And people would give jawaab, it was absolutely incredible. Where we were sitting, it literally sounded like surround sound. Truly an amaizing experience.

To get the crowd to give a louder Jawaab, he would mention the name of Zahra, and that got the crowd going. Because it is Zahras Dua that we are here today morning her son.

He recited these by Helali

You know I had a Bassim moment last year, this was like that. A moment where words cannot describe the feeling.

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