Chapter 12 – Al Wida Karbala

I am not ready for this. I was going to visit my parents before coming here, and on the train to the Village, I was upset from then that I was going to leave the Holy Lands.

We went to Abu Fadhil and it was quiet, there were people yes, but considering it was only a few days after Ashura it was really quiet. We sat with the view of the main entrance, seeing the mashk hang, and it was like you were at his father’s grave. Their main entrance is exactly the same – with Gold.

Mir Hassan Mir was reciting facing the zarih about Imam Sajjad, I understood a little of what he was reciting but hearing his voice and grasping at straws at the urdu I do understand, puts you in the zone of being near Abu Fadhil.

We went to Imam Hussain 20 minutes to Salaatul Jamaat, and security was so quiet I walked in with no queue and got a spot in the front row of Salaat. This is crazy, first row Salaatul Jamaat, 20 minutes to fajr. I had never made it for Fajr at Imam Hussain previous to this day, and I just found it easier to pray at Abu Fadhil, distance plus less rush. But it was nice that I had made one day for salaat and I got a front row.

This is goodbye to Imam Hussain, what am I to do. I don’t wish to say goodbye. I want to stay.

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