Chapter 13 – Etched in Memory


They have been building up the area surrounding Balad, so I though the market looked smaller. But it looks more done up.

I pray that those people who cannot have children are granted children through the sake of Sayed Muhammad.


So at the checkpoint, they checked our bags, and I didn’t have my phone so went through. The mens checkpoint was later, near the shoes and entrance, and I could see that there was no more checks for women and the entrance, I told IM give me your phone I will take it in because there are no more checks. So that’s how we got pictures in Samarra.

Samarra was so relaxed, we got in and was told to get lunch and so it was Iraqi style kitchro. Having been fed food cooked by the Haraam, you feel pleasantly full, and due to the lack of crowd, you could walk around no problem. The zarih room was quiet and it was beautiful. In the past they hadn’t got the zarih in, and it had black cloth over it. It reminded you of the 2006 bomb that occurred. But now, it so nice. They are reinstated to their true beauty and glory.


What was a Garrison city but by the akhlaq of Imam Kadhim and Imam Jawad it has become home to Shia and Sunni Muslims split by Al-Aimmah Bridge.

For those who visit, Shaykh Mufid and Shaykh Tusi are also buried here.

It’s the Gold of the two domes are etched in my memory. It is such beauty, they shine out into the heavens.

We saw a really cool procession as we were going to the haram, it had been 3 days since Ashura so we assumed this was Bani Asad coming to bury the martyrs of Karbala.

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