Chapter 7 – Living Through Time and Space

After being patient to give our salaams properly, we went in to Abu Fadhil first.

How can I describe what it was like to visit a man who was raised for this Day? How do I describe what his mother must have felt when she heard of his passing, because she knew if Abbas fell, then who was there to protect Hussain? How did Abbas fall, what broke the fall, his head or his chest?

I saw this people weeping for him, weeping for their prayers to be answered. Because Abbas’ Dua of bringing back water for the children was not answered, he was given the power to answer any Dua with the permission of Allah (saw).

I thank my mother for raising me with the Love of Hussain in my heart. I wonder why I have been honoured with the invitation to return year after year for the Day on which Imam Hussain was killed and on the Land on which he was martyred. But truly, my success comes from Allah (11:88), and it is down to my mother for making my drink the water of Wilayah.

What words can be used to say what it is like to see his visitors surrounding him, remembering him, praying to the Lord that created him. What words do I use to say this is where the Prophet’s grandson died with no one to bury him? What words do I use to say that he died no before seeing all his companions and family members being slaughtered?

But yet the name of Hussain lives on through time and space.

It is still not so busy here I think. It is Juma here, and normally you can’t even get in the haram without coming in many hours prior to the time of Khutba. I got in easily.

They are doing work to the dome and the so you can’t see the dome from the Sahan from the usual angles, and even inside, they have made the ceiling really low, so I found the ambiance a little different, just because I wasn’t used to seeing it like that. Nevertheless, Hussain is Hussain.

IM went to Hurr, I didn’t want to go on that long coach journey, and decided to spend my time with Imam. It felt like old times doing my own thing, seeing processions and then going to Imam Hussain for Maghrib.

They are commerating Ali Al-Akbar today:

I am Your Yaqoob

Whose Yousef never returned

Oh the moon of my life

Whose light has been turned off

You’re going and my wound after you

Oh son, how can I describe it?

Oh my son, life after you

Is worthless


Oh father, your wound is harder

In Karbala

My head in your lap

And you will carry my body away

But your body then

No one will carry it

My slaughtered throat and yours will remain

Bleeding on sand dunes


My chest and yours will be trampled on

And after you, they will slaughter me

[Abathar al-Halawaji]



To get salaat in Imam Hussain, you have to do be super effiecient to get a spot, as the matam is finishing, position yourself and then get in – quicker than finding a spot for yourself at a wedding for food.

Midnight missions to Maqaam Ali Asghar, Ali Akbar and Imam Zamana, this is reminiscent of the first time I visited these places. It is the best time, it is so quiet and the streets feel like they are yours.

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