Chapter 9 – The 10th


Aamal and Majlis was in the hotel and it was timed well so that it would finish for Salaatul Jamaat.

I didn’t time it well enough for Salatul Maghrib, and so didn’t make it inside to Abu Fadhil. The doors shut whilst I was still in the queue. Instead of trying another door, I just went to Baynul Haramain and prayed salaat under the stars. It was dark because they had switched off all the lights and only the red ones were on. This meant it was even hard to see the turbahs.

In this light you can just imagine what it was like for the women and children where they couldn’t see anything and they were torn apart by grief by seeing their family members massacred.

Every culture has a different way of commerating Imam Hussain, and this was one I hadn’t seen before. Iranian families who had bought food and laid it out and had a majlis literally in the middle of the street.

We went out again much later when the rush had died down. Just walking around BH with all the candles out, you could just make out the children’s faces. It really gets you in the zone of what happened here all those years ago. You see Sayyedah Zainab protecting the children, you see Rabab crying over Ali Asghar, you see Farwa morning over Qasim in the darkness of night.


We found an Iranian Kafelah, and decided to join them.

We saw the moon far off in the distance, and went to look where it was. We initially thought it was over Tille Zaynabiyah, but actually after walking there, the moon was over Khaymagah. The moon was still protecting the women and the children.


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