Day 253 – 10.03.2012 – Cuenca, Castile–La Mancha, Espana

So a couple of friends decided they wanted to go to Cuenca, and obviously seeing as I had nothing better to do on a Saturday joined them on this Epic Trip.

We left Estacion Sur (Mendez Alvaro) at 10am (We couldve got an earlier bus at 8am…but really…I dont even wake up that early for work), to get there for 12. The. Coach. Was. Awesome. It was the Express one (the times worked out better for us, I dont usually splash out a better coach, except for Barca, but thats allowed because thats 8 hours away), anyway the coach was similar to Alsa Supra, with leather seats, and 3 people in a row as opposed to 4. It. Was. The. Shiz. It was only 2 hours, and seeing as I am now immune to the long-ness of coach journys I thought it went rather quickly.

We (We is me, SO, DS and YA) went to look for the tourist office, which turned out to be a shed, but nevertheless a shed is a shed, and the woman was very helpful. So the logical thing to do after we spoke with the woman, was disriguard the map, and follow our noses, we walked 5 mins in the wrong direction and decided the map was gold, and looked at it. Thanks to DS beautiful map reading skills, we ended up in the right direction and could begin to see the makings of the Old Town. We could have easily take the bus, but lets be honest, we had time to kill and we saw some awesomely beautiful things walking.

My beautiful photography skills (dripping with sarcasm), the start of the Old Town

The logical thing to do was to follow the road round (maybe we consulted the map here…just maybe)

Only a talented photography like myself, can capture the art of the people working in front of us (Has the sarcasm translated on this Page?)

First View of the hanging houses (more later)…and yes the sky was that blue, not a cloud in the sky. #WelcomeToEspana

So obviously when your walking along, you take pictures of random buildings that look remotely significant and famous, and then when you come home and write this blog, you find out what it actually was. Turns out this building was The old Saint Paul convent

This bridge as so beautifully captured my me, yes I put up 3 sets so you could get all angles of it, and feel the full effect of it.  St Paul bridge

By the way, all this time we are climbing up a hill, a standard hill, but an inclined hill hill (I guess thats what a hill is) anyway, thats a side note.
So now we came to Hanging Houses, this is what Cuenca is famous for.

In every Spanish city there is always a cathedral, and a Plaza Mayor. We didnt go inside the first one, but ate the second one (see what I did there…:p)

Plaza Mayor

Oh just as a side note, to add to my further conquests of praying in some Cool Places, I can offically add Plaza Mayor in Cuenca to the List.

Just General Cuenca-Ness

So this means that I dont have a name for this picture, its not anything majorly important (or maybe it does, but doesn’t exist on wikipedia, but I think its quite a good picture…

The next logical thing to do was to climb the mounatain. Here we go again!

We had to go down into the valley, to then climb up, we were just following the path.

See how I artistically got the edge of the door frame that I was standing under

We were going up, slowly but surely

The View. The camera really doesnt do the picture justice…

Artistic Shot Numero Uno


Artistic Shot Numero Dos

We got to the top in the End, that was the view of the Old town that we walked through before, this time i actually apologise for the rubbish picture, but the sun was bright and the picture was coming out dark. But it was really cool, it felt like we were literally on top of the world.

Again the picture doesnt do the view justice, it was just so natural, and you can breath the Fresh Air. None of this pollution shizzle. Just Awesome. Remind me alot of Manzaneres el Real (See Day 104)

Que es Todo.

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