El Corredor Del Boyar

I begin in the Name of God.

With the help of God, I will begin putting up pictures that I have taken, which I think are of decent quality to be called Good. But like the quote goes ‘A picture paints a thousand words,’ I will begin to explain what each picture means to me, and hopefully not to bore you in any way, it will be short and simple.

This picture was taken at ‘El Corredor del Boyar’ while we were going to Ronda. At times like this, I wished I had a SLR, and knew how to use one properly. This view was astonishing; it was just spectacular on so many levels. It by far made my year, and is truly one of my favourite photos and the image is captured in my mind forever.

What makes this picture special is that the trip itself was special. I understood God, and what he had done for me, and how one can never have enough faith in Him, and never be truly thankful for everything He has done.

So God, Thank you for everything you have given me.

El Corredor Del Boyar

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