I had the greatest honour and opportunity to live in Spain for a year. It was true to the word experience.

I don’t often speak of it, references here and there, people often forget I went just because I don’t talk about it. It’s not because I am hiding it, in fact I am very proud, I lived a year in a foreign country, where I didn’t speak the language, and really had no idea what I was doing. But I fully understood it was an honour, an honour and a half that God had chosen me to live in that land. Not many people get that opportunity, to really experience life and meet different people in a different land to your own.

And so I don’t mention it, because I don’t want people to get jealous, and question God as to why they haven’t gone and done something like that. Maybe it is not right for you, I don’t know, but I went, and it was spectacular. You can’t put it into words.

I went in July 2011, left in June 2012, but truth be told, I understood more of the trip and more of why God sent me there in February 2012, when I went to Valencia for my birthday.

The year had its ups and downs, it wasn’t always smooth running, but it taught me much about myself and others. The fact that it taught me about myself, and I would like to think it made me a better person, meant it was successful.

 I don’t know where writing this has come from, maybe I was reminssing, reading my blog (www.madridtimes.wordpress.com), this was my blog for the year, so my parents could read about my adventures in the land of Spain. I got my scrapbook out; I hadn’t looked at since I compiled it in July 2012. But what struck me was the people, and the personal stories I read from reading there small notes when I got my leaving present (socks…what else would it be).

How I’m feeling now, just in love with the creator, because he is the one who sent me there. I can never be grateful enough for meeting such people and exploring my favourite land on earth.

I want to back, not to live, my family is here. Just to visit, I doubt its changed, but I would like to walk the roads I once travelled as a Spaniard living at home.

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