God and Prayer

Had God wanted, our entire prayer would be bowing in prostration, but He didn’t want that for us.

The greater part of it is standing, not bowing.

Over and over again in the Qur’an, God says, “Stand in prayer”.

Far fewer times does He say, “Bow” or ‘Postrate’.

But here is the thing: Eeven in that most humbled state, when you are emptying your heart and soul before God, He wants you to stand on your feet and not stay on your knees.

We start our prayer by standing, we bend, we fall to our knees and plaster our faces to the ground, only to rise up and stand on our feet once again. Do you see it? God didn’t just command a formula for prayer.

In it, He showed you how to live. You will stand, you will fall and you will rise again.

Not only does this represent overcoming challenges in life, but it represents the human journey itself in living, dying and being resurrected in the Hereafter.

Next time you pray, be inspired that your Lord wants you to rise after every fall.

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