The Hot Chocolate Experiment

How dramatic does the title sound? I am impressed with myself right now. But truth be told, it’s not that dramatic, it is me buying different types of hot chocolate and seeing which one I like.  I had to make it sound interesting, because otherwise my life would just sound boring. I mean I am not the kind of person who goes to work, comes home, eats, watches Netflix and goes to sleep. Not at all, my life is much more interesting than that.

I work next to a supermarket, and naturally during your lunch hour, you go up and down the aisles and wonder what you can spend your wages on. This time it was Hot Chocolate. Now I have never really been into hot chocolate. I am more of a chai person myself, including green, peppermint and fennel tea.

However, I am not sure what came over me and I decided I wanted Hot Chocolate. But which flavour to choose, that is the question. You want to invest your money into something you will enjoy. I wasn’t aware, until I went down that aisle, they do hot chocolate sachets, how perfect for my experiment.

I bought:

Options Belgian Chocolate

Options Belgian Chocolate Orange

Options Belgian Chocolate Praline

Options Belgian Chocolate Hazlenut

Cadbury highlights milk chocolate

Maltesers’ Malty Chocolate Drink

Galaxy Hot Chocolate

Day 1: It started off well, the classic Options Belgian Chocolate. It sounded good, it smelled good, and it tasted good. It was just really good, the precedent had been set.

Day 2: Maltesers’ Malty Chocolate Drink. I like Maltesers, it’s the first choice pick when I dive into a box of celebrations. But the drink, a disappointment for me. The biscuit of the actual chocolate is a froth on a hot chocolate, which looks good. In practice, it didn’t taste of much, and the taste of the chocolate, wasn’t chocolate-y enough.

Day 3: Options Belgian Chocolate Orange. It’s not going well for me. It smelt quite good, the drink grew on you, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It wasn’t enjoyable, I drank it because I paid for it. I didn’t nearly get the same enjoyment as the Options Classic (Day 1).

Day 4: Cadbury highlights milk chocolate. This was good, really quite good, after a disappointing two days, I really quite enjoyed it. No faff, just chocolate. Maybe that’s what I have learnt; go for the classic, nothing fancy.

Day 5: Options Belgian Chocolate Hazlenut. This was highly recommended, and I quite like snickers, so I figure I will enjoy this. No, no enjoyment, I drank it, but again no love like the Options Classic.

Day 6: Options Belgian Chocolate Praline. Finally, a ‘not classic’ that tasted good and I enjoyed. I would definitely recommend this, it was good. Maybe not to buy a whole box, but a sachet – definitely.

Day 7: Galaxy Hot Chocolate. Ended on a high note, I quite enjoyed this. Not quite as good as the Options Belgian Chocolate, but it is buyable and recommendable.

Whilst on this experiment I came across a sachet of ‘Drink me spiced chai latte.’ If you are into Desi/Indian Tea, this is a must buy. It is by far the most delicious powdered tea I have ever tasted. You just add water, and you have Desi Chai. What more can you ask for. It is better than the Options Hot Chocolate, that’s how good it is. So go buy the sachet and then the box because it is totally delicious.




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