I see Rajab

As I see Rajab, I see my Ameer

Continuously praying, living the way he died

Celebrating next to Baqir and Haadi


Khaybar was lifted, with only the strength that Ali could bear

A moment that not 40 people could replicate

Fadak was then given but only to be held for a short period of time


I hear him calling, Ask me Ask me, before you lose me

And I wonder would I ask him how many hairs on my head

Or a question that would improve my existence


Where would I stand, at Saqifa or with my Mawla

Is the answer not given, when I cannot see Mahdi


Would I appreciate my Master, or fight against him for power

Would my nafs or my faith win in the continuing battle

Which side would I take, when I see the truth in front of me

Would I reject it, believing blindly without questioning

Or would I question and see my Ameer


This man who gave Sadaqah in Rukhu

Caring more about his Shoe than the Caliphate

Yet only owning one pair of clothes


Can I appreciate what he has done for me

Am I just following blindly from birthdays to deathdays

Only crying for his Son and Shouting my Ameers name


Or is there more to my belief

Enacting his actions

Speaking his words

Only for the sake of the Lord


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