January Book Haul

I have gotten to the stage where I seem to buying more books than I can read. I was recommended a website which tracks the price of kindle books and emails you when they drop to the price you are willing to pay, the link is here.

Back in December, I ordered the three books that Sufi Studios have created and published, and they finally came through the post!

I was really impressed from the outset just by the envelope it came in – check out the art work:

envelope art

The books were: Sufi Comics, A Wise Fool of Baghdad and Rumi.

Sufi Comics was them republishing it but they had coloured the drawings, in the previous version, it was just the outline.

sufi comics

In the next page, they tended to have an explanation, which goes into the Qur’an verse and a Hadith that follows the comic strip:

sufi explanation

A Wise Fool of Baghdad goes into the story of Bahlool who lived in the time of Imam Sadiq, this and Rumi, has a very similar style of drawings – it is much more comic book based:

wise fool

Overall, I was really impressed with how Sufi Studios have progressed and how they have developed their drawing style but also creating something new in terms of the islamic book industry. I love it!

sufistudios haul







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