July Roundup

I begin in the Name of God.

The first of (hopefully/Inshallah) many roundups to come.

July was when I started to get back into blogging again, and making my best effort to post regularly. Thankfully by making scheduled posts, it made my life easier.

This epic saga of me writing more regularly again began after Ramadhan with ‘Post Ramadhan Thoughts’ which was which was almost things that happened in Ramadhan, and my take on it. This led to my plans for this blog and what I aim do and how often I hope to publish something new.

I love to read, and I got a little trigger happy with all the books I bought, and naturally, I decide to blog about it.

The (not so) epic journey to London series has begun with eating at Burgerista Bros and visiting the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

I have made a list of all the ‘Qur’an Mondays’ Recitations I would like to publish on this blog, and I look forward you listening the particular recitations I have chosen. But so far this month, there has been a Surah Ankabut, Surah Baqarah (part of) and Surah Hijr.

Cathedral Views


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