The Kindle Way

I begin in the Name of God

I love my kindle, truly I do. I think its definitely the way forward in reading books. Before I bought it, I was very much Team Books, because you can hold it, turn the pages, and we all know of that new book smell. There is just a certain essence about owning a book, and when you look at your bookshelf, you become proud, you become a literary master (or claim to be anyway).

However, I took the plunge, I bought a kindle, a paperwhite mind you, not a Fire (which is more tablet-esque than book-esque), and is spectacular. Especially after reading the Centurion Trilogy by Ken Follett, which is 3 books each of more than 1000 pages each. Imagine, lugging that around, trying to read, finding a good angle to read it from, laying down, or holding it up. It’s difficult.

So therefore Kindle-ing is definitely the way forward, its easily transportable, no planning on which book you want to take with and which you have to leave behind. It’s a little expensive, don’t get me wrong, but I have to say, for me, its a worthwhile investment.

– G

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