Lego Haul – Series 16 Minifigures

For all those non-Lego fans out there, Lego releases a set of minifigures exclusive for a period of time and they are also in packets, where you have to ‘feel’ what is in the bag and (in my case), guess which minigure is in the packet.

This series came out last month, and I have been keeping my eye out for it my local stores. I finally came across it in my local Asda, and it was already half empty. I really just wanted the Rogue, I think anyone who is an archer (in real life too) is super cool and has a proper talent.

I came across 2 packets I wanted, one I thought was the rogue, and the other had a big piece that I was interested in what it was.


I was right! I got the Rogue. Look how cool he looks with his bow and arrow and his waistcoat.

The other was a Cyborg. That big piece was actually her armor thing. In all honesty, I am not such a fan, she looks really scary for my liking and not something I would like displayed or in my collection. So she is for sale on my bricklink store.


I’m not that interested in the other minifigs, I am not one to collect all the minifigures simply because that is an expensive life, and I am not about that life.

But woohoo, I got the Rogue!

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