This morning I had Alpen for breakfast.

Usually I have no breakfast before going to work, simply because I would rather sleep for 10 more minutes than ‘make’ and have breakfast. Due to my change in hours at work ( I start an hour later), I now have time to eat breakfast.

So this morning, I poured myself a reasonable amount of Alpen with milk and started eating while watching House of Cards. As I was eating I kept thinking, I don’t really like this very much, there isn’t enough sugar (unlike Cheerios and Frosties), and it tastes rather grown up, and healthy, something I am not accustomed to.

However, writing this at 1130 I have realised I may have Alpen again because:

  1. I only just got hungry (which is rather impressive for me)
  2. I don’t have to prepare as much lunch
  3. The Alpen that we have has raisins in it. I like raisins.

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