My New Year’s Resolutions

I have never been one for making New Years Resolutions, rather I believe in continuous change throughout the year. But this year, or rather towards the end of  2016, I have been reflecting on things I would have liked to achieve in 2016, or would like to achieve in 2016. Hence I have have come up with personal goals I would like to accomplish.

One of the things I am more conscious to do is read more books. I am proud of the books I have acquired, but I am ashamed to say, some I have not read despite having bought them a while ago e.g. Palace Walk by Naguib Mahfouz.

I would like to blog a lot more this year. I had a good almost 3 month run, where I was posting twice a week, but that sort of died down too. I only like to post good, inspiring (to a certain amount) content and if I can’t produce my best work, I won’t post it. I actually have over 20 rough ideas of blog posts saved, not including my recitations I have saved for Qur’an Mondays.

I hope 2017 is a fruitful year for all of my dear readers. Work hard for your goals, and if it is good for you, you will become successful.


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