What I am planning on watching in the Olympics

I don’t normally watch sports, I personally think I am wasting my time watching these overpaid athletes on TV for however long their game is for.

The Olympics on the other hand, is cool. There are so many sports, which you can choose to watch, and sometimes it is finished really quickly (100m sprint). It works for my life.

These past few months a name by Ibtihaj Muhammad has come into the media spot light. She is the first Muslim to play for Team USA wearing the full hijab, I think she is an inspiration for all Muslims out there. Not just females but males too.

She is proud to wear the hijab and looks so comfortable wearing it. She is not apoligsing for her beliefs and has made sports work for her religion. She also just sounds and acts really cool – I would totally hang out with her.

I also plan to watch:

  • The final of the 100m sprint, partly because its so quick, and Usain Bolt is really entertaining to watch.
  • Jessica Ennis Hill, I plan to watch some of her events. Emphasis on some, because she has 7 events, and I don’t want to watch all of them.
  • A little of the table tennis action, I am playing it recreationally and I want to imagine, that I can play like them.
  • Possibly a little of the cycling, because Chris Hoy made it big a few years ago. Bradley Wiggins is cycling, so let’s see how he does.
  • The end of Mo Farah’s running, to see how he does.


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