Organising my Evernote

I begin in the Name of God

I have written something to this accord before here, but I use evernote – and I love it. I have a HP laptop and an Apple iPhone and so for me to transfer information seamlessly, Evernote is the easiest way.

I have been using it for over two years and I have literally dumped all my notes into one workbook just adding as I go along.

However, today I finally got around into sorting out my notes, into:

1. Main

I use this  daily and it includes my to-do list

2. Memories

This has snippets of awesome stuff that I have blessed to be a part of. Similar to the reason I did The Lover’s Tale, I like to remember the small things in life.

3. Religion

Stuff concerning God and the meaning of Life and some of this content does end up on my blog here

4. Blog

Content that will definitely be posted on here, just when the inspiration flows to write a full page of text.

I genuinely feel this will ensure I am able to work much more productively and also my things are generally organised, which makes me feel better about myself too.

– Gen

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