Part 10 – Hussain is a Universal Language

As always, it starts with Fajr. The plan was to meet at 3am to go to Imam Husayn, because yesterday we left later and there was a lot of rush.
This trip I have prayed for strength to get through the 12 days I am here. I have been sleeping and eating much less than usual simply because I don’t want to waste any time doing these things. I want to spend as much time as I can with Aba Abdillah and watching the revolution he created.
Hussain is a universal language – by his revolution and quite literally. I had an experience at Maghrib yesterday were a Khadima was telling us all something but I didn’t understand. The Iraqi women next to be explained in Iraqi to me and lots of pointing that this Jama’ah is led by Ayatollah Qazwini and that you must listen to this one and not the one behind. She said this in fluent Iraqi – somehow I managed to understand and this is how I think he is a universal language. He translates when you don’t understand.
I love the time pre and post Fajr. It is so peaceful and really quite sweet. Being here is just amazing in the time surrounding Fajr.
‘It is not a buzz, it’s more of a spiritual lull.’
This Fajr has been a ‘We plan and they plan, but Allah is the best of Planners.’ We took turbahs and Qur’ans for ourselves but every time people came and asked if they could use them, who are we to say no. There was also an excellent recitation of the beginning of Dua Ahad, which inspired us to recite it.
I still like our spot – facing Qibla, Dome to our right (our back isn’t against it) and you can see the clock for the time.
Aba Abdullah gives you strength you never knew you had, for some is is ‘mental’ strength but for me it has definitely been physical strength.
I still had some gifts to buy and was wondering when I could go, not during the rush and heat of the day. Alhamdullah God answreed my Dua, and we went after Fajr and the shops were opened and managed to get everything.
I was tired but I had the chance to have chai and breakfast with pure soul, so who am I to say no. Just contentment when I spend time withe such company and just inspiring.
10am journey to surrounding Ziyarate – Sons of Muslim, Hurr, Aun and Mohamed.
I prayed for strength to get through the Ziyarat so I could go to the Haraam at Maghrib.
Alhamdullilah I napped from Sons of Muslim to Hurr with the melodius voice of QA reciting marshiyas.
‘Dua is the weapon of the believer’
We came back at 4pm, in time to rush off to the Haraam. Alhamdullah my fellow compatriot agreed to wait, while I went up to grab a snack.
It was a rush again to get into the haraam and you propelled forward by the crowd and my compatriot said something quite powerful:
‘I love that people are rushing towards Imam Husayn’
We didn’t end up getting Jama’ah because of the sheer amount of people and lack of connection.
Forever glad we got to touch the Zarih on the first day, there is no chance now unless you want to push yourself through.
I am sending videos of matam back home, and I was just informed that I am a matamdari…I just realised I am. But one, I am ok with it, and two, it is all about balance.
I believe with all my being that the love of God can make you stronger than you can ever imagine. You can jump through hurdles you would never have seen coming.

Baynul Haramain

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