Part 12 – Day of Ashura

My original plan was to go for Fajr Salaat in Baynul Haramain, however I was informed that it would really busy, busier than yesterday where I really had to weave through all the men. If I went for Fajr I would have to do the same, and for me, it’s not hijab.
I prayed Fajr in the hotel room, and got up at 10am, did aamal and prayed Zohr. I thought I would close my eyes for about an hour, and then go to Ladies Majalis. Whilst doing so, I wanted to listen to Usama’s Maqtal. I have been in Karbala for 5 days, and not one day I have managed to load the YouTube app properly, but I managed to listen to the whole of the Maqtal with no buffering. Miracle I tell you.
I also fell asleep properly, and had a solid 2 hour sleep. I was initially upset that I had missed the majalis, but I realised that God must have a better plan for me.
So far on Ashura I have mostly slept the day away in my hotel room (quite by accident I must say), but I realised, I am fully refreshed now, I can stay in the Haraam as long as I want now (until I need the bathroom that is).
We got to the Haraam for about 4, and Alhamdullilah going through security was quick, we tried to get into the ‘other’ Sahan, because yesterday at Fajr I got the connection for Jamaa’ah. As we tried to get through, into the other Sahan there was a lot of people and I got trapped with back to the door and the woman in front of me. I know on extremly minute level how Lady Fatemah felt to have her ribs crushed. But truth be told, the pain had already gone away, normally I would have shortened breath, bruises, some sort of people. Me, I felt nothing. Miracle of Imam Husayn.
We tried to get in the gated part of Jama’ah, but we didn’t want to push ourselves into a spot, for me, that’s not right. We went round and sat in the corridor. However, we were getting a little trampled for about half an hour. It was totally worth it, because we got connection for Jama’ah. Any little thing I have asked for on this trip has been answered. Imam wants us to be as comfortable in his presence.
During Maghrib, I couldn’t hear the Imam, and I just wished for a split second I could hear him properly. Straight away, before Isha, the speaker above us switched on!
During Qunoot, it was the Dua Faraj, the whole of the Sahan recited those words. Unifying, calling out the Awaited’s name – It was Amazing!
I cannot believe I got some of Ashura and now Shame Ghariba in Karabla in the presence of Imam Husayn.
All the lights have turned red, and you can ‘feel’ it is Shaame Ghariba. You feel so content sitting here in the Haraam, and I able to write this, my thoughts are coming together despute the noise – majalis, Duas and chatter. These are all the Lovers of Husayn and I am sitting amongst them.
We tried to go to the Khaymagah because there was going to be a Majalis there but we got pushed right through by the force of the people there. I did notice, that the Iraqi and Iranian men where proportionally more respectful and would make sure they wouldn’t touch the women even by accident, however, the Pakistani men, wouldn’t necessarily go out of their way.
On Shaame Ghariba they light candles, perhaps because it was the Night of Darkness. For me, it started really cool, then it became almost ritualistic. People were just lighting candles wherever and sitting round it. Whist going past the Khaymagah, there was a chance my Chadoor could have been set a light, because people just placed them on the floor.
We ended up at Abu Fadhil, which was extremely peaceful. We our Salaams and Ziyarat to Abu Fadhil. Around the actual Zarih, it was only 3 lines deep. There was a chance we could have touched it, but only if we had pushed ourselves through.
Ashura for me, was just sitting in the presence of the Imam and Abu Fahdil and enjoying their presence. I was fine with that, I didn’t need a formalised majalis, all you need is the Love of Husayn in your heart.
Ya Hussain


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