Part 13 – Wida to Karbala

The plan was to leave at 230 to go to the Haraam. I managed to get the time wrong, and woke up at 236. I ran down to see if my companion had left, and I thought she had, but she saw my shadow in the lobby and came up to my room to see she was just waiting. Later she said that because I was late, she knew something was up. What an excellent thought – always be on time, because when you are late by accident, people will wait for you.
Usually at the Haraam, I enjoy writing my reflections. Today, however I wasn’t really feeling it. I just wanted to enjoy the presence of the Imam. The way he ensures you are comfatable in the Haraam for example – I got to lean against an old person chair today.
I am genuinly sad to be leaving – I didn’t think I would be this depressed to be leaving Imam Husayn. I asked to be invited back again, and Inshallah I will be.
Words cannot written how my heart feels having left Imam Husayn and Abu Fahdil in Karabala.
My parting words to Abu Fadhil was: I am going to visit your father – Haidar al-Karrar
I need to concentrate on that. The Mawla himself. I have been invited to Najaf.

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