Part 14 – Najaf

Imam Ali has everyone’s back. I was distraught to be leaving Karbala. However, once I got to Najaf, Imam Ali consoled me and I am just somehow happy. Karbala seems so long ago, even though it was just a few hohurs ago.
People here are extremly kind and hospitable. People do not sit in your Sajdagah space for Salaah, there is no pushing and people are extremly friendly. I really good thing also is the Khadima sorts out the lines for Jamaa’ah, and ensures if you are praying Qasr, you don’t sit in the first row.
I am here. In Najaf. Jamming with the Prince of Believers. Alhamdullah. God is Great.
‘Imam Husayn comforts the heart. Imam Ali elevates the mind’
Imam Ali gives you contentment different to what I have felt before, there is nothing quite like it. You can come sit here for hours, and come up with incredibly profound thoughts at the gate of knowledge.
Fajr was awesome. Under the starts, in the presence of the man who named Ali. After Salaat, they recited Ziyarate Aminullah, which was fantastic, such a beautiful voice reciting such beautiful words. Karbala seems like a dream away.
At Zohr, they opened the umbrellas and only when you looked up you noticed them. All around me was the Lovers of Ali.
Imam Ali’s house – although they have extended some of it, some of it has stayed the same. Bibi Zaynab and Umme Kulthum’s room has stayed the same. They used to share a room, so why do we not encourage our kids to do so.
Masjid Kufa – I didn’t know how much history was here: Nuh started his Ark, Adam asked for Istighfar, Khizr came to Imam Ali, Muhammad on Me’rah. It is recommended to pray 2 rakaats at each of the  Maqaams.
Sitting here, I feel you could have some really poignant thoughts and lift your mind to levels you have never believed or anticipated.
Maysum Tammar – I love Maysum’s story. He was must have had real Ma’rifa to water the tree he was going to be hung upon.
Muslim and Hani – giving up everything and doing the right thing have meant they are living forever in the hearts of the believers but also they have prime spots of the Zarih – Masjid Kufa.


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