Part 15 – Masjid Sahla

We went for Fajr and stayed till sunrise. This is something everyone must see. sitting in an alcove facing the Dome. It lasts maybe 5-10 minutes when the colours come together – but truly stunning.
Ayatollah Sistani at 10.40. He is just a Don. Just looking at him (a scholar) is ibadat. I was really tired when we were going to see him. I saw him, and my tiredness just disappeared. Such is the Noor of Ayatollah Sistani.
Masjid Hannana and Masjid Kumayl (who has an excellent Dome I must say). Then onto Masjid Sahala for Maghrib.
At Masjid Sahla you can just feel the presence of the  12th Imam. Whilst we were praying Salaat under the sky, it started to rain, which was rather cool. Tuesday Night. Salaat. Rain. What an excellent combination. We were literally in the presence of Allah’s Rahma.
We heard an incredible recitation of Dua Tawassul with Masaib. You just feel content sitting there, not wanting the Dua to finish, so you wouldn’t have to get up.
Imam, when you come, its going to be Awesome.


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