Part 16 – Al Wida Najaf

It is the last day, so I am trying to spend as much time with the Mawla as possible. Every Salaat I was aware, that this is the last Fajr in Najaf for example.
I stayed till sunrise, and the colour hues were just beautiful – amazing how a Lord can create such a sunrise, that is always spectacular.
We went to Wadi Salaam – where all the good Marhomeen’s soul go. It is just 5 minutes from the Haraam of Imam Ali. Prophet Hud and Salih are buried there as is the Maqaam of Imam Zamaan.
We went straight to the Haraam in time for Zohr. It was really quite hot, they had the umbrerallas, but also fans which spray a mist. Asr Qunoot has never been so ‘cool.’
Back for Maghrib, and writing this sitting in an alcove facing the Shrine. The only way to roll in Najaf. It has been an amazing jouney, something words (again) cannot describe. How can manmade words describe the status of Ali, or the relationship between Husayn and Abbas or the pain Kadhim went through. So how can manmade words describe how my soul has (inshallah) been spiritually uplifted, or just how calm and sukoon you feel at the Shrines. Yet that feeling is different at each shine – there is almost a different spin on it.
Athough this trip was a journey, the real journey begins as we leave. I need to maintain this spitiruality and carry on the journey of gettting closer to the Beloved.
Whilst writing this, the heavens quite literally opened and rain has come pouring out of the sky. It was just so sudden and the Khadims were runnng to pick up the mats and put the Turbahs away. There is lighting, hail, its all happening here. It is is incredibly humbling to see God’s power and might showing us ‘Be and it is’
It is really quite heavy rain, and the Khadims are moving the water into the drains. Such are the Servants of Ali where they are walking barefoot in sandy water trying the clear the water whilst it is raining. This is the Love of Ali.
They switched off the outside light, to encourage people to leave – what a polite way of doing so. They had also closed off the entrance, so it was getting emptier in the Haraam. We had prime spots in the Haraam in the alcove but we were right at the back so we didn’t get wet.
The rain stopped, and the Khadims had done a really good job of clearing the water, and we tiptoed in before the entrance opened up again.
Again, we got prime spots against the wall, where you could see the beauty if Ali with no barriers.
Grateful for God for today and many I never forget or appreciate what he has done for me.
The Wida Ziyarat was done touching the Zarih, what an honour and a privilidge. This will definately be one to remember, not everyone can claim they saw Najaf rain in the Haraam of Imam Ali without getting wet.

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